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A case report of thyroid plasmacytoma and literature update
Fahd Refai, Wafaey Gomaa, Layla Abdullah
A rare cause of cellulitis: Photobacterium damselae
Kamal Kant Sahu, Akil Adrian Sherif, Raul Davaro
Increased copy number of anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene signal in lung carcinomas: Is it significant?
Saumya Shukla, Nuzhat Husain, Kiran Preet Malhotra, Vandana Tiwari
Extramedullary deposits in leukemia: Out of blood but not out of mind
Kamal Kant Sahu, Kundan Mishra, Pankaj Malhotra
Evaluation of Ki-67 expression in oral submucous fibrosis and its correlation with clinical and histopathological features
Asif Iqbal, Sandhya Tamgadge, Avinash Tamgadge, Treville Pereira, Sourab Kumar, Siddarth Acharya, Abhishek Jadhav
Efficacy of sweet pumpkin in relieving contact dermatitis in chronically stressed rats
Etedal Abbas Huwait
Granular cell tumor of thyroid: Challenging pitfalls and mimickers in diagnosis
Murouj Almaghrabi, Hatim Almaghrabi, Haneen Al-Maghrabi
The possible protective role of barley seeds on the spleen after administration of glucocorticoids in adult albino rats: A histological and immunohistochemical study
Manal M Shehata, Heba M Saad Eldien, Fatma Y Meligy, Shadha Y Bahaidarh
The spermatozoal ultrastructure of the chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis)
Jie Zeng, Shasha Peng, Shengwei Zhong, Hui Zhang
Protective effect of pomegranate (Punica granatum) Extract against Diabetic Changes in Adult Male Rat Liver: Histological Study
Khadija A Faddladdeen, Ahlam Abdulaziz Ojaimi
Lipsticks: The microbial cellar: An original study
K Siya, Jubin Thomas, RB Vinod Kumar, Ajish M Saji, Amal K Iype, S Akhil
Cardiogenic differentiation of murine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells by 5-azacytidine: A follow-up in vitro study
Heba E. M Sharaf Eldin, Marwa A.A. Ibrahim, Amany M.I. Mousa, Hala G Metwaly, Nadia F. E Abo-Hassan
Effect of suramin on renal proximal tubular cells damage induced by cisplatin in rats (histological and immunohistochemical study)
Eman Ali El-Kordy
Effect of protease-activated receptor-2-activating peptide on guinea pig airway resistance and isolated tracheal strips
Magda M Hagras, Fatemah O Kamel

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1.  Oral mucosal peeling caused by sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) in a 20 year old female
1.  The emerging importance of High Content Screening for future therapeutics
2.  Enhanced sodium-dependent glucose transporter (SGLT1) expression and activity in the intestine of diabetic rats
3.  Effects of Combined Nicotine and Caffeine on the Rat Skeletal Muscles: A Histological and Immunohistochemical Study
4.  The antibacterial properties of silver and copper nano-particles combined with Green tea Hydro-alcoholic extract on Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
5.  Functional role of Rodlet cell and Macrophage in Neural Protection of Olfactory Neuroepithelium in a Teleostean Gobiid [Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus (Bloch and Schneider, 1801)]: an Ultrastructural Study
6.  Prevalence of Multi Drug Resistant (MDR) Bacteria on Mobile Phone Surface
7.  Histopathology of oral submucous fibrosis in third dimension -a preliminary report
8.  Development of a low-cost smartphone-connected digital microscope
9.  Evaluation of the Possible Protective Effect of Alpha Lipoic Acid on Testicular Toxicity Induced by Polychlorinated Biphenyl in Adult Albino Rats: Histological Study